Willie Pleasants

Willie Wideman-Pleasants
Author, Poet, Producer, Speaker, and Cable show host.

Her books are conversational easy read for the hurry up world. Each book is comprised of educational, entertaining, uplifting, and thought-provoking short stories and poems. Her main goal is to encourage reading and inspire with her spoken word.

She is the producer and host of her own Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) cable television show called "Willie's Web." She interviews other authors and artist to share their journey. Watch on www.bnntv.org (Feb 26, 2013 7pm)

As a volunteer Team Leader for a program called Jumpstart she inspires three and four year old children to help build crucial learning skills.

As a facilitator for the Olli program at University of Mass, Boston, she uses her books in her class, "Story telling at Tea." The goal is to inspire new readers. More bio see www.awb6.com