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The Last Day by Robert L. Bryan - New Release!


The Last Day...

New York City is the target and the countdown has begun. An Islamic terror cell has initiated an operation to detonate a nuclear device in Manhattan. Thrust into the middle of this potential Armageddon for New York City are the only four people who can stop it. Bobby Moylan has been a cop’s cop for 42-years and is reluctantly facing his last day due to mandatory age retirement. Inspector Ellen Tomlinson, the Commanding Officer of NYPD Transit Borough Manhattan, was mentored by Moylan and has remained close friends over the years. Ellen has always yearned for much more than friendship with Bobby Moylan, and this may be her last day to fulfill her unrequited love. Lieutenant Joey Galeno is a seasoned NYPD street cop who has been working in counterterrorism for many years. Also a former partner of Bobby Moylan, Joey is desperately trying to obtain solid details from an undercover operation he is running on the terror cell. FBI Special Agent Jimmy Boy Craig is the unlikely undercover agent who Lt. Galeno is depending on to break open his case. Galeno, however, has no faith in his undercover’s ability to get the job done. Can these four unlikely characters come together in facing their own personal last days, or will this be the last day for the island of Manhattan.

First Place Award - 2018 Public Safety Writers Association - Published Fiction

Now Available at:



Robert L. Bryan was born in Queens, New York, and has been a lifelong New York City resident. He retired after a twenty-year career with the New York City Police Department at the rank of captain, and is currently the chief security officer at a New York State government agency. He is also an adjunct professor in the homeland security department of a NYC college. Robert has written several short self-help and security / law enforcement related books. His first full-length book, "CONDUCTOR" was inspired by his son's career choice, and details the history of the railroad conductor profession. His next two books -"C-CASE" and "DARK KNIGHTS" are non-fiction accounts of his experiences with the NYPD. Both books won awards in the 2017 Public Safety Writers Association writing competition.

Winner August 2018 Author of the Month - Authors Express Promotion


August 2018 Author of the Month Winner!

Robert L. Bryan

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at the CENTER OF IT ALL - June 2018
54 pages, published 6/12/2018
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